About Reliant

Unmatched Experience

As a subsidiary of Grady Health System, Reliant helps manage one of the largest EMS fleets in the South, but that’s not all. We support all levels of EMS vehicles both locally and throughout the Southeast. From emergency road side assistance units and emergency cars, trucks and vans for fire and police, to golf carts used for EMS transport at special events, we can support your fleet maintenance needs.


In a world constantly asking us to compromise, Reliant refuses. After three decades and hundreds of vehicle remounts, collision repairs, and maintenance repairs we maintain the highest standards. These efforts have resulted in cost avoidance equaling substantial savings for our customers. But that’s not all; our commitment to safety puts the well-being of your staff as the highest priority. We realize many of your employees risk their lives every day to ensure the health and safety of others and want to ensure their equipment is repaired or remounted and ensures their safety while doing their jobs.

More Capable

Need an ALS unit converted to a Mobile Command Center? Lost a unit to collision with a lengthy repair turnaround time from your local dealer? Whatever the mission, Reliant can assist you in keeping your fleet maintained and in service.

Call (404) 616-8255 to learn how much you can save with Reliant!